Fisk on the Battle for Damascus

here’s some words from one my journalistic heroes, I truly admire this guys integrity, have a read:–but-syria-rebels-will-not-claim-their-greatest-prize-7957145.html

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Champagne Flow while syria burns

Champagne Flows While Syria Burns Jul 9, 2012 1:00 AM EDT A country at war with itself. Bombs and civilian massacres. Yet, in Damascus, the music plays on. By the pool, glistening, oiled, and muscular bodies gyrated to a juiced-up version of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Atop huge speakers, a Russian dancer swayed suggestively in […]

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Breaking News: Defence Minister killed

Al-Jazeera and the free Syria Army’s (FSA) official television channel ad well as official Syria state TV have both claimed that Syria’s defence minister, Dawud Rasha has been killed in Operation “Damascan Volcano”, the FSA’s rather colourful name for the latest rebel offensive to capture the capital of Syria. Fighting has continued unabated for the […]

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Popular views on Bashar

I know this may be a rather frivolous 1st post for such a high brow blog but I couldn’t resist. This image is what greeted me when I opened the door of the bath room in the place i’ve been staying Brussels The caption on the picture reads something like: out you baby killer, from […]

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